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Institute of Culture Innovation and Communication

Beijing Institute of Culture Innovation and Communication (BICIC), founded in 2012, is a modern think tank focusing on policy-related issues of Chinese culture, culture and creative industries, and cross–cultural communication.

BICIC is jointly established by Beijing Normal University and the People's Government of Beijing Municipality. Prof. Yu Dan, the well-known Chinese culture scholar, serves as the Dean.

The fundamental aim of BICIC is: to be based on Beijing Normal University and keep a international perspective, to grasp culture innovation and give due consideration to overall perspective, to focus on academics and pay close attention to the development of culture and creative industries. BICIC aims to offer policy recommendations to government agencies, enterprises, and various institutions in China and abroad. BICIC hosts public presentations, roundtable discussions, international seminars and conferences that provide opportunities for officials, culture and creative talents, scholars, and students to exchange ideas and discuss policy-related issues.

BICIC sets Beijing’s culture development and culture industry strategy as a top priority in research work. BICIC strives to provide a number of thoughtful and innovative analyses on culture-related issues from diverse perspectives including marketing, banking, public administration and communication. Inter-disciplinary projects and programs on issues of cultural and creative cluster, Chinese culture international communication, and mass entertainment and cultural services are mostly encouraged. BICIC publishes a variety of written works, including the bimonthly journal Beijing Think-tank (Wenhua Zhiku in Chinese), monographs, and research papers. It also presents culture development policy reports commissioned by government agencies.

As a modern think-tank with Chinese characteristics, BICIC also aspires to the research and dissemination of traditional Chinese culture and aims to achieve the aspiration towards serving the world with Chinese culture and knowledge.

Office: 9812A, Jingshi Hotel, Beijing Normal University, 19 Xinjiekouwai St., Haidian District, Beijing, China.

Tel. : +86-10-58802133