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Since its establishment in 2007, the Education Foundation of Beijing Normal University has been actively promoting exchanges between the university and public welfare and charity forces, exploring ways of collaborative cooperation and educational innovation, and extensively developing business partnerships. For more than ten years, friends from all walks of life have being selflessly trusting Beijing Normal University, and generously contributing to the construction of a world-class university with first-class disciplines.


Huiyan International Education Fund

The Huiyan International Education Fund, established with a donation from the Guangdong Guoqiang Public Welfare Foundation, aims to build a China-foreign cooperative education system, develop international education courses with Chinese characteristics, cultivate a high-quality international education teaching and research team, promote education cooperation with countries along the “Belt and Road”, and build a world-class international education brand.


IDG/McGovern Institute for Brain Research

The IDG/McGovern Institute for Brain Research, established with a donation from IDG Group, plays an important role in the research of brain science, especially the brain dysfunction of children and adolescents, and in promoting the healthy growth of children and adolescents. By far, the research institute has become a leading domestic and international research center in the field of brain and cognitive science, and an application and promotion platform for brain science and education.


Maxdo College

Maxdo College, established with a donation from the renowned Hong Kong entrepreneur Dr. Chung Hon Dak through the China International Cultural Exchange Center, is dedicated to cultivating high-level and comprehensive business talents with an internationalized vision and competence.


International Writing Center

The International Writing Center was set up with a donation from Mr. Xue Xingyuan, a Fujian entrepreneur, and also the support of alumni Qiu Jiduan. Headed by Mo Yan, a famous writer, the center is a window for Chinese literature to connect with the world. By far, more than 10 well-known writers and poets at home and abroad have settled in the center.


Huilin Culture Fund

The Huilin Culture Fund, founded by Mr. Huang Huilin, a senior professor of Beijing Normal University, and donated by alumni Qiu Jiduan and a well-known domestic enterprise, aims to promote the international spread of Chinese culture based on the theory of “Third Pole Culture”. The “Looking China Youth Film Project” supported by the fund has been exerting more and more extensive influence at home and abroad, becoming a brand project. President Xi Jinping mentioned the “Looking China” project in his important speech at the National University of Singapore on November 7, 2015, which showed his attention to the project.

Ouyang Self-reliance Fund

The Ouyang Self-Reliance Fund was established with donations from Mr. Ouyang Xiuzhang, a Singaporean Chinese. This fund is the first special project at BNU to support overseas exchange of excellent students in both virtue and learning.

Outstanding Leaders for the Future--Global Education Leadership Training Program

The “Global Education Leader Training Program” of Beijing Normal University aims to train a group of leaders across cultures, disciplines and time and space for the world and China, who can lead the future global education reform. With the master’s degree program as an implementation carrier, the program will recruit students from all over the world with leadership potential and educational ideals to study at Beijing Normal University and around the world every year. Students will think deeply from a global perspective in the process of global education reform by participating in challenging social practices, academic exchanges, lectures, international internships and cultural experiences. Upon graduation, they will become a backbone force of global education governance, or take charge of education development in a region, or become a principal of a benchmarking school, or become a researcher on global education reform and innovation, or become an industry leader in education, or cooperate with global resources to improve the quality of education in backward regions of China. No matter what their occupations are, they will contribute to the development of human civilization as educational leaders.


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