Life at BNU
Housing & Dining




Living on Campus


There are a total of 5 international student dorms in BNU. For students who want to live on campus, please apply for accommodation online after you’ve received the Admission Notice. Laundry services are available in each apartment building. And public kitchens are provided with induction cookers and micro-wave ovens.

Liyun Apartment No.1 International Students Dorm (A)

Liyun Apartment No.3 International Students Dorm (B)

Xinsong Apartment (C) 

Lanhui Apartment (E)  

No.2 International Students Dorm (H)   


For more information about accommodation, please visit

Living off the Campus


If you live in an off-campus hotel/apartment or an international student’s apartment at other school, you need to apply for the Registration Form of Temporary Residence beforehand. If you rent a civilian apartment or house, you need to register at the local police station to get the Registration Form of Temporary Residence with your landlord within 24 hours after you move in. To apply for the registration form, your landlord need to present the host’s residence booklet, the certificate of title to house property, the lease and ID card to the policeman and you need to present your passport.





There are many canteens, restaurants and take-out windows on campus offering many different types of food--choose whatever pleases your palate. Campus card can be used in all canteens and restaurants on campus, as well as most take-out windows. For recharging Campus Cards please read the following instructions. When dining off-campus, please be attentive to food and beverage safety. Alcohol with dinner may be fine, but for your health and safety, please do not drink too much. Keep an eye on your personal items and valuables when dining.


Canteens and restaurants on campus


New Lequn Canteen (The First, Second, Third, Fourth Canteen)——east of Lanhui Apartment, 1st through 4th floors

Friendly tips:

1. The canteen takes only Campus Card.

2. Provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

3. Chinese students predominate, so this is a good place to practice oral Chinese.

4. Dining hours are 06:30~09:00, 10:30~13:00, 16:30~19:00.


The Fifth Canteen——20 meters east of New Lequn Canteen, northwards

Friendly tips:

1. Mainly Sichuan-flavor dishes, including various snacks and stewed dishes

2. On the 1st and 2nd floors, lunch, supper and nighttime canteen dining is available; the attic offers a buffet dining.

3. Dining hours of the 1st and 2nd floors are 10:30~13:00 and 16:30~21:00. Dinning hours of the attic are 09:00~13:30, 15:00~20:30.

4. The 1st and 2nd floors accept only Campus Card; in the attic, both cash and Campus Card can be used.


The International Students’ Canteen (The sixth Canteen) ——close to Liyun Apartment

Friendly tips:

Hollywood Restaurant——1st floor

1. Offers western foods.

2. Accepts both Campus Card and cash.

3. Tel 58807667

Yixin Japanese Restaurant——2nd floor

1. Offers Japanese cooking; accepts only cash.

2. Dining hours are 11:00~13:30 and 17:00~21:00.

3. Tel 58809785


Taste of the Northwest Restaurant——south of the Fifth Canteen

Friendly tips:

1. Divided into a Moslem Canteen and the Taste of the Northwest Restaurant; the former is exclusively for Moslem students.

2. Offers all kinds of northwest flavors, and features flour dishes.

3. Dining hours of the Moslem Canteen are 07:00~08:20, 10:30~12:40, 16:30~18:30. Dining hours of the Taste of the Northwest Restaurant is 11:00~13:00, 17:00~19:00.

4. Accepts both Campus Card and cash.


Faculty’s Home——50 meters south of the campus hospital

Friendly tips:

1. Breakfast, lunch, and supper canteen and a la carte dining available; low price, good taste.

2. Accepts only Campus Card.

3. Dining hours are 06:30~08:30, 11:00~13:00, 17:00~18:30.


Faculty’s Third Canteen——20 meters south of the campus hospital

Friendly tips:

1. Breakfast, lunch, and supper canteen.

2. Accepts only Campus Card.


Lanhui Apartment Restaurant——1st and 2nd floors of Lanhui Apartment

Friendly tips:

1. Food and beverage services available on the 1st and 2nd floors at 07:30~08:30 (only the 2nd floor), 11:00~13:30 and 16:30~21:00.

2. Campus Card and cashes can both be used to settle account.