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Collaborative Innovation Centre of Assessment for Basic Education Quality


The Collaborative Innovation Center of Assessment for Basic Education Quality was established in July 2012 and approved by the Ministry of Education in October 2014. It is the only national collaborative innovation center in the fields of pedagogy and psychology in China. Spearheaded by Beijing Normal University, the center has been jointly established with seven core institutions, including East China Normal University, Northeast Normal University, Southwest University, Shaanxi Normal University, China Academy of Educational Sciences, Ministry of Education Examination Center and IFLYTEK CO., LTD. In recent years, with the national basic education quality monitoring as its core task, the center has formulated the “National Compulsory Education Quality Monitoring Program”, established the education quality monitoring network, and supported the establishment of nearly 30 provincial education quality monitoring agencies; developed monitoring standards and multi-form and standardized measurement tools in the six major fields of compulsory education, and achieved important innovations and technological breakthroughs; and established a basic education quality data collection system and data analysis platform with Chinese characteristics and the only education database in China containing the development results of primary and secondary school students nationwide. The center has released China’s first national compulsory education quality monitoring report and completed more than 1,000 national or regional monitoring result reports, explored and constructed a regional education quality improvement model, which provides a basis for educational scientific decision-making and promotes the all-round development of basic education in China. Around this core task, the center has gathered international top experts to participate in the work, and now it has become a first-class basic education quality monitoring and high-end talent gathering and training center in China. Through a talent training system featuring unique characteristics, internationalization, undergraduate-master-doctor continuous study, and cross-disciplinary integration, a large number of multidisciplinary and compound talents with solid basic knowledge, excellent practical ability and great development potential have been trained. The center actively promotes the development of disciplines for education quality monitoring subjects such as pedagogy and psychology, and promotes the cross integration of relevant disciplines and emerging interdisciplinary training.