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Law School


BNU Law School is one of the most dynamic schools at Beijing Normal University. Its predecessors were the law major established by the Department of Philosophy in 1995, the Department of Law established in 2002, and the Institute of Criminal Law Science established in 2005. BNU Law School was formally established in 2006. Our current Dean is Professor LU Jianping, who is Executive Vice Chairman of the China Branch of the International Association of Criminal Law, Vice Chairman of the China Criminal Law Research Association, and Vice Chairman of the Chinese Society of Criminology.


Although it is young, BNU Law School has made outstanding achievements in various fields. The school was ranked 9th in the Chinese mainland and 26st in Asia in the 2019 QS rankings. At the same time, BNU Law School is a member of the first batch of China’s excellent education training bases for legal talents.



BNU Law School has been attaching great importance to building a competitive faculty. A powerful team of capable and creative teachers and scholars has been built. As of April 2018, among our full-time professors, there were 1 “Yangtze River Scholar Chair Professor” and 3 “Top Ten Outstanding Young Jurists in China”. Currently, the school has 40 professors, 36 associate professors and 10 assistant professors, of whom more than 20% have obtained a doctoral degree overseas.



BNU Law School puts a premium on international student exchanges. For instance, it has signed cooperation agreements with more than 40 universities and institutions in the United States, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Canada. Among them, BNU Law School runs exchange students and summer programs with more than 10 European and American universities, including Oxford University, Aberdeen University, Emory University, and Toulouse University of France, among others. Furthermore, BNU Law School has a master’s program in Chinese Law, and has launched the International E-Commerce Law Joint Certification Program with the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law. By recruiting and training foreign students, BNU Law School makes efforts to create a diverse cultural environment for faculty members and students alike.



In the phase of great-leap-forward development, BNU Law School, relying on a world class university, and adhering to the school motto “pursue moral education, promote the rule of law,” will continue to develop from a high starting point into an internationalized research-based law school dedicated to cultivating first-class talents in legal practice and top-notch legal research talents and to becoming a nationally honored and internationally recognized law teaching and research institution.