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School of Philosophy


Philosophy is one of the most important places for education and research in philosophy and social science in China. At present, a systematic teaching and research system has been developed, including a comprehensive structure from undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs to post-doctoral research and non-governmental schools, covering three first-level disciplines, namely philosophy, Marxist theory and education. The BNU School of Philosophy is an important base for the cultivation and research of talents in philosophy and social sciences. Each major has strong teaching and research strength. The Discipline of Philosophy ranks 101-150 in QS ranking in recent years, with the highest ranking being 34th (2012) among global universities.


Of the current 58 full-time teachers, 12 have received doctorates from foreign universities, 34 are professors and 4 foreign teachers. There is one head of the discipline evaluation team of the State Council, one distinguished professor of the Cheung Kong Scholar Program, one talent of the National Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand Talent Program, one top-notch young talent of the National “Ten-Thousand Talent Program”, nine talents of the Ministry of Education’s Next Century/New Century Talent Program, and seven chief experts from the CPC Central Committee and the Ministry of Education for the implementation of Marxist theoretical research and construction projects.


In the course of its development, the school has gradually formed its own academic characteristics and traditions, with a distinguished reputation in academia and fruitful results achieved in the fields of epistemology, philosophy of value, human philosophy, analytical philosophy, Confucian philosophy, traditional Chinese political philosophy, Yi-ology philosophy, historical philosophy, Western political philosophy, universal logic, Western ethical thought history, philosophy of science and technology, comparison between Chinese and Western philosophy, basic Marxist theory, research on school social work and other fields. In addition, the school has also made great contributions to the discipline research, standard development and textbook compilation of basic education.


Committed to continuously improving the international level of talent training, the school provides students with rich and diverse opportunities for international exchanges every year. Our school cooperates with world-renowned universities such as Tufts University in the United States, York University in the United Kingdom and Celata University in Italy to conduct summer programs on philosophy. With the strong support of the school, more than 100 students go abroad for long-term and short-term study each year, and the overseas exchange rate of undergraduates is close to 100%.