Schools & Departments
Schools & Departments

Faculty of Geographical Science


Established in November 2016, the Faculty of Geographical Science (FGS) is dedicated to being at the forefront of teaching and learning and fostering cutting edge research and discovery as well as contributing to societal services in Geography. FGS enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad, and was ranked No.1 in the third-round national disciplinary assessment, and A+ in the fourth-round national disciplinary assessment.


FGS comprises 6 secondary institutions, including School of Geography, School of Natural Resources, Institute of Remote Sensing Science and Engineering, Institute of Land Surface Systems and Sustainable Development, Centre for Geo-Data and Analysis, as well as Academy of Disaster Reduction and Emergency Management. More than 200 faculty members and staff work in FGS at present, 95% of whom are qualified at doctoral levels.


There are 5 undergraduate programs respectively on Geographical Science, Physical Geography and Resource Environment, Human Geography and Urban and Rural Planning, Geographical Information Science, as well as Resource and Environment Sciences. FGS offers 3 Doctor’s Programs in and 10 Master’s Programs.


With commitment to achieving excellence in research and contributing to the well-being of society, FGS is carrying out diverse research on 14 focal areas, which respectively are Soil Erosion Model and Desertification Control, Ecohydrology and Resource Management, Earth Surface Processes and Landscape Evolution under Extreme Environment, Resource Ecology and Regional Development, Economic Geography and National Territory Planning, Human Geography and Geographical Relation, Quantitative Remote Sensing Model and Products, Geographical Information System Model and Its Application, Geographical Big Data and Spatiotemporal Analysis, Integrated Risk Governance on Regional Disasters, Emergency Response on Large-scale Natural Disasters, Landscape Ecology and Ecosystem Services, Integrated Analysis and Simulation of Earth Surface Processes, Observation and Simulation of Global Environment Change. By the operation of State Key Laboratory of Earth Surface Processes and Resource Ecology and State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science, as well as 7 research platforms of MOE (Ministry of Education) and Beijing Municipal, FGS serves as a good foundation for the advancement of scientific research.



FGS works closely with other organizations in the world and has established stable joint cooperation on students’ education and scientific research with universities, research institutes as well as international organizations. At present, FGS especially focuses on the improvement of students’ international experience with outstanding global partners and has established strategic institutional partnerships as well as mobility partnerships with University of Queensland, Queen’s University, Arizona State University, University of Maryland, Yokohama National University etc., through articulated degree programs, English courses, international field bases as well as short-term students’ visits and exchanges, and in together contributes the students’ international initiatives as a global academic community. By setting up international cooperation groups, initiating and running international science programs, publishing international journals, as well as hosting international conferences, FGS is actively involved with the world, and hopes to broaden the cooperation in the future and facilitates advanced research and high-quality education.