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Russian Literature and Art


Russian Literature and Art, launched in 1980, is a Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI)-indexed journal supervised by the Ministry of Education and sponsored by Beijing Normal University. In 1979, with approval from the Ministry of Education, the journal was named Soviet Literature. In 1994, it was renamed Russian Literature and Art, which has been kept in use since then. Russian Literature and Art is an academic publication, mainly covering studies of Russian literary classics and works of contemporary writers, new theories and new critical approaches, as well as reports about research results and trends in Russian literature. The main columns include Academic Frontiers of Russian Literature Studies, Articles, Semiotics, Notes on Literature and Art, Moments in the History of Literature, and Reviews. The journal addresses teachers and students of colleges and universities, members of research institutes and amateur aficionados of Russian literature. The journal is also an important bridge for Sino-Russian cultural exchange, being the only academic journal of its kind outside Russia and the only Chinese periodical devoted to a national literature. In 2001, Russian Literature and Art was awarded the “Sino-Russian Friendship Memorial Medal” by the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. Since the start of the new era, the journal has been strengthening international exchanges, having established contacts with authoritative Russian academic journals such as Russian LiteraturePhilosophical IssuesFlagRussia and the Contemporary WorldArion (a professional poetry publication), and Friendship among Nationalities, and published high-level academic papers by Russian and world scholars.


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