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Journal of Beijing Normal University (Social Sciences)


Journal of Beijing Normal University (Social Sciences) is a bimonthly comprehensive academic research journal on philosophy and social sciences supervised by the Ministry of Education, sponsored by Beijing Normal University and edited by the editorial office of Journal of Beijing Normal University (Social Sciences). The journal was founded in the autumn of 1956, with its former editors-in-chief being Chen Yuan, Bai Shouyi, Lin Bangjun and Jiang Chongyue, and former editorial directors being Fang Ming, Zong Ruitang, Wu Jinghuan, Pan Guoqi, Lin Bangjun and Jiang Zhongyue. Based at Beijing Normal University and open to the academic circles at home and abroad, the journal aims to highlight the characteristics of educational psychology, give full play to the advantages of humanities, pay attention to major social problems and explore current academic developments. Academic research columns of the journal include “Education Forum”, “Psychological Research”, “New Exploration of Literature”, “Frontier of Historiography”, “Philosophical Thinking” and “Economic Management”, etc. Over the years, the journal has won a good reputation from the academic circles with its high level of academic integrity and editing quality, having such honors as “the First National Double-Top 10 Social Science Journal”, “National Famous University Social Science Journal”, “Nomination to National Periodical Award”, “Periodical Award of the Chinese Publishing Government Award”, “National Top 100 Social Science Journal”, “Authoritative Journal” of Class A Journals of Chinese Humanities and Social Science rated by the Chinese Academy of Social Science Evaluation, and the “Outstanding Chinese Journal with International Influence” rated by the China National Knowledge Infrastructure. The journal is among the first group of journals selected into the “Plan of the Ministry of Education for Developing Prestigious Periodicals”, and the first group of journals supported by the National Social Science Fund. Having been selected into the “A Guide to the Core Journals of China” for many consecutive years, the journal has been rated among top “Core Journals in Comprehensive Humanities and Social Sciences”. In addition, the journal has been rated as an important CSSCI source journal for many consecutive years.