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Journal of Educational Studies is a comprehensive bimonthly journal on educational theory edited and published by the Faculty of Education of Beijing Normal University with the sponsorship of Beijing Normal University and under the supervision of the Ministry of Education. It is a national Chinese core journal, a CSSCI source journal, a core journal in humanities and social sciences of China, and an important full-text replication source journal of China Social Science Excellence. The current editor-in-chief is Professor Zhang Binxian, and the deputy editors-in-chief are Professor Yu Shusheng, Professor Wang Benlu, Professor Zhang Dongjiao and Professor Kang Yongjiu. As an academic and theoretical journal, Journal of Educational Studies serves domestic and overseas educational theorists, educational administrators, educational and teaching practitioners and people from all walks of life concerned with educational theoretical issues. The vision of the journal is to “promote education academic research, deepen theoretical research, and bring Chinese education academic research into education practice and into the international frontier”, and its principles are “having an international perspective with a focus on local education; sticking to academic norms and advocating original research”. There are not only investigation reports and experimental reports that reflect important theoretical and practical issues of China’s educational development, but also research results that review, summarize and look forward to domestic and foreign educational theoretical research in specific periods, as well as comments on educational classics and new educational works. the Journal of Educational Studies renamed in 2005, and has been included in CSSCI source journals since 2008 and in the core journals in Chinese humanities and social sciences since 2013. Many articles of the journal have been reprinted in full by Xinhua Digest. The reprinting rate of the journal in the full-text replication of China Social Science Excellence has always been among the highest in journals of education. And the journal has been rated as an “important source journal of China Social Science Excellence”, and has been listed as an authoritative journal with key awards by Beijing Normal University, Southwest University, Shanxi University, Guangzhou University, Nanjing Normal University, Northwest Normal University, Capital Normal University and many other institutions.



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