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Teacher Education Research


Teacher Education Research is an academic journal of educational science published nationwide. Founded in January 1989, the journal was formerly known as Research on Higher Normal Education, changed to its present name in November 2003. Supervised by the State Ministry of Education, the journal is jointly sponsored by Beijing Normal University, East China Normal University and Beijing Center for Teacher Training and Exchange of Higher Education Institutions of the Ministry of Education, with its editor-in-chief being Gu Mingyuan, honorary president of China Education Association, senior professor of Beijing Normal University and a famous educator in China.


Aiming to study and discuss the theoretical and practical problems of teacher education in an all-round way, Teacher Education Research actively explores the laws of teacher education, including the training of new teachers and in-service teachers in preschool education, special education, primary education, secondary education, vocational education and higher education, etc. The journal provides valuable articles and views for teachers engaged in teaching, research and management of teacher education, as well as for teachers concerned with their own development and improvement, college students who are interested in the teaching profession and other people in society.


Teacher Education Research is currently recognized by the domestic academic circles as a core journal with a high academic status and significant academic influence. As an authoritative academic journal in the field of teacher education in China, the journal’s academic innovation influence and overall academic level are in the forefront of the whole country, playing an active role in the reform and development of teacher education in China and exerting an important impact. Many articles published have been reprinted by important academic media such as Xinhua Digest and Chinese Social Science Digest. Widely recognized as a prestigious journal, Teacher Education Research has been rated as an important core journal of high academic level by many comprehensive universities and colleges, multi-disciplinary universities and colleges, primary and secondary schools and research institutions of education. The journal is indexed in the Catalogue of Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index Source Journals (Nanjing University), A Guide of the Core Journals of China (Peking University) and A Guide to the Core Journals in Chinese Humanities and Social Sciences (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), an important source journal of China Social Science Excellence, and a statistical source journal of the Annual Report on Impact Factors of Chinese Academic Journals.