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The 10th Golden Lenses Awards Ceremony and The 2024 Looking China Youth Film Project Launching Ceremony Held

On April 25, the 10th Golden Lenses Awards Ceremony and the 2024 Looking China Youth Film Project Launching Ceremony were held at Beijing Normal University.

The Looking China Youth Film Project, organized by Beijing Normal University, is an international activity for cultural exchanges among the youth. In the past 13 years, it has invited 1,009 foreign young people from 102 countries come to 27 provinces in China, and completed 985 documentary short films. In 2014, the project set up a special Golden Lense Award to encourage outstanding creators with keen vision and profound insights. The award has been presented for nine times so far.

Chen Xing, Vice President of Beijing Normal University, delivered a speech at the event. He said that he sincerely welcomes young friends from all over the world to start from Beijing Normal University to experience, observe and feel China, and serve as young ambassadors for cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.

Huang Huilin, founder of the project and senior professor at Beijing Normal University, introduced the completion of the project last year and pointed out that the works last year are documentary, emotional and innovative.

Finally, Listening! Our dreams won the first prize. Five films including The Fangdou Family won the second prize. Six films including Connection·Tea won the third prize. A Hakka Song received a special award. Cuppa won the award for Best Artistic Expression. Three films including The Return won the Best Online Dissemination Award. At the same time, 11 organizations won the Best Organization Award. Diplomats from more than ten countries, including Ecuador, Pakistan, and Greece, and hundreds of domestic and foreign experts and scholars attended the ceremony and presented awards to the winning works.

After that, the 2024 Look China Youth Film Project launching ceremony began with a flag-raising ceremony, officially announcing the start of this year's event.

In 2024, the project will take "Beautiful China: Travels, Delicacies, and Beautiful Scenery" as the theme and invite 90 foreign youths from 30 countries to travel to Beijing, Chongqing, Anhui, Jiangsu, Liaoning, Shaanxi, Guizhou, Fujian, and Xinjiang, China. From April 25 to July 8, the host institutions will cooperate to let more than a hundred teachers and students from all over the world have cultural experiences and create short films in China.