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BNU Zhuhai "Valley Art Festival" Closed

On the evening of May 25, the fourth Valley Art Festival of Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai held a theme closing gala at the Zhuhai Huafa & cpaa Grand Theatre. During the art festival lasting for more than a month, the school held 43 performances and activities both on and off campus by providing various resources, which has benefited approximately 23,000 participants, including teachers, students, and local residents.


On April 12, a special concert commemorating the 85th anniversary of the premiere of the Yellow River Cantata marked the opening of this year's Valley Arts Festival. At the opening concert, internationally renowned chorus conductor Wu Lingfen, former director of the China National Opera and Dance Theater Li Xiaoxiang, and music experts from BNU and the Zhuhai Youth Choir performed passionately.

During the festival, young students took to the community stage to give three performances for public good, which attracted many citizens.Besides, an "art night market" cultural tourism event, novel and unique, was held and drew thousands of citizens to experience.

The university also organized 12 special exhibitions and performances featuring the teaching results of music courses and art courses to display nearly 60 original student art works. Also, the school invited 12 art therapists to carry out 27 art education and mental health activities. Zhuhai Cantonese Opera Troupe, Zhuhai Drama Troupe, Zhuhai Song and Dance Troupe, Royal Academy of Music Westminster Chamber Music Group, University of Macau Drama Performance Group, Sun Yat-sen University Drama Performance Group and others were invited as well to present 6 performances.

Nearly 30 international students from Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai also performed at the art festival, helping them know more about China.

The Valley Art Festival is a vital cultural activity for BNU Zhuhai. It has now become a marquee event to show the school’s achievements in aesthetic education.