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BNU International Students Won Prizes in the Second “Travelling+Chinese” Competition of Center for Language Education and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education

In the second "Travelling+Chinese" video collection hosted by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education and supported by the Chinese Plus Language Centre, the short video "Ten Days for an International Student in Beijing" by Malika Nazarova (Kazakhstan) at the School of International Chinese Language Education and the short video "Today I Am a Tough Girl" by Lim Choyeon (South Korea) and Choi Yumin (South Korea) at the School of Journalism and Communication were awarded the Outstanding Video Production Award, and the Outstanding Participating Organization Award was given to Beijing Normal University.

Video Introduction: "I am an international student from Kazakhstan In my opinion, Beijing is an impressive metropolis. The first time I came to Beijing, I felt its infinite charm. People on the road seem to be busy all the time, they can't slow down to enjoy the beauty of this city, but Beijing in my eyes is charming. Those who have been to Beijing, just like me, will surely be fond of this prosperous city".

Video Introduction: " Chairman Mao once said: 'We are not true men unless we reach the Great Wall; Counting up, we've done twenty thousand li in all'. The Great Wall is not only a towering wall, but also a witness of China's long history, carrying the rise and fall and glory and shame of the Chinese nation, and integrating the wisdom and sweat of countless ancestors. Now, let's follow Lin to experience the resolute, tough 'Great Wall spirit' and write our own legend!

The second "Travelling + Chinese" video collection contest attracted about 300 entries from nearly 60 countries and in the end, 62 entries received individual awards.