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Opening of Beijing Normal University 2024 "Global Campus" International Cultural Festival and the Fourth "BNU Students Global Education Festival"

On May 25, the Beijing Normal University 2024 "Global Campus" International Cultural Festival and the fourth "BNU Students Global Education Festival" were held in Beijing Square.

The theme of the "Campus Party" of the International Cultural Festival was opened with a grand ceremony. Students from all over the world and Chinese students presented wonderful performances of dance, instrumental music and martial arts for the audience, showing their national characteristics and cultural customs.

More than 30 national cultural booths exhibited traditional costumes, exquisite handicrafts and traditional food of various ethnic groups, demonstrating the bright civilization and cultural customs of various ethnic groups.

During the opening ceremony, there was also a special booth set up for students overseas exchange, explaining in detail the existing overseas exchange programs of our university, the Global Competency Summer Training Camp and the Overseas Study Camp. The students participated enthusiastically.

The food street and the booths of various countries have prepared a wealth of food for everyone, all kinds of specialty snacks are fragrant and mouth-watering so that students can taste all the global food without leaving the school.

The mountains and rivers are exotic, but the wind and the moon are the same. The collision of diverse cultures brought us a cultural feast and lit the fire of friendship in our hearts. Traveling with the world, we climb together to a better future!