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BNU International Students Participated in CCTV Documentary "The Gui’s Crafts"

From September 30 to October 6, the documentary "The Gui’s Crafts" in which BNUers from the School of International Chinese Language Education participated was broadcast nationwide on the China Central Radio and Television Station Documentary Channel (CCTV-9).

Seven BNUers from seven different countries were invited to participate in the documentary, and experienced and learned Guizhou's unique intangible cultural heritage skills in the program. China Daily and many other media have previewed and reported on this program.


Yang Hongrong from Vietnam, Lin Zhiyan from South Korea, and Nomura Mengshi from Japan experienced the intangible cultural heritage skills of Miao embroidery in Huawu Village, Bijie, Guizhou. The students participated in the Miao long-table banquet, experienced the Miao celebration, and learned Miao embroidery from the skill inheritor. At the same time, they also visited the houses of local people and experienced in-depth the scenes of people doing Miao embroidery at home.

Zhang Meiling from Thailand and Ina from Indonesia experienced the intangible cultural heritage techniques of Guiyang silver jewelry and Danzhai batik.

Shuijing from Russia and Hu Zichen from Tajikistan experienced the Maojian tea-making techniques in Duyun, Guizhou, by picking and frying tea by themselves. They also visited the local tea museum and special teahouses and learned to make a cup of Chinese tea.

The international students who participated in the program said that they experienced the exquisiteness of traditional Chinese crafts and the breadth and depth of Chinese culture during the event. They were also greatly touched by the sense of love and protection of the local culture of the people in Guizhou.

The documentary "The Gui’s Crafts" was divided into 7 episodes, which focuses on the process of foreign friends pursuing intangible cultural heritage skills in Guizhou, China. Through the first-person perspective of foreigners, the program presents the exquisiteness of Guizhou’s traditional intangible cultural heritage skills, conveys the oriental wisdom contained in Guizhou’s intangible cultural heritage, and embodies Guizhou’s cultural exchanges and integration with the world.