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Huilin Prize honors scholars for their contribution in promoting Chinese culture

Huang Huilin

On Jan 14, the 9th Huilin Prize award ceremony, jointly organized by the Huilin Foundation and the Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture at Beijing Normal University, took place at Jingshi Hall of the university.The recipients of the prize for this edition are Luo Jinlin, a renowned director, and ancient Greek drama research expert from the Central Academy of Drama, and Marco Mueller, a distinguished Italian film producer, curator, and scholar.

Marco Mueller

Mueller, as one of the first batch of Italian students to study in China after 1949, embarked on his academic journey in 1976. During his study period, he immersed himself in numerous Chinese films, enjoyed connections with filmmakers like Xie Jin, and developed a keen interest in Chinese cinema.After returning to Italy in 1978, he actively organized Chinese film exhibitions in Europe, translated Chinese films, wrote articles, and published books to extensively promote Chinese cinema and culture. Later, in various roles such as festival director, film selector, curator, and film intermediary, he played a crucial role in bringing more Chinese films to the global stage.Mueller now sees his mission as discovering and promoting the new generation of Chinese filmmakers and remains dedicated to the promotion of Chinese cinema.

Luo Jinlin

Luo has seamlessly combined the aesthetics of Chinese traditional opera with the ancient Greek drama, engaging in decades of research and creative practices that integrate Eastern and Western theatrical elements.Luo said that, as a theater practitioner, director, and educator, he has practical experiences and insights in the dissemination and integration of Eastern and Western cultures in the realm of drama.The Huilin Prize, launched in 2015 in honor of Huang Huilin, a distinguished professor at Beijing Normal University, annually recognizes one Chinese and one foreign individual for their exceptional contributions to the international promotion of Chinese culture.For this edition, a total of 53 individuals were nominated. Among these candidates, 31 are Chinese, and 22 are from other countries, including the United States, Canada, France, Japan, Italy, New Zealand, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Germany, Switzerland, and Australia.Huang stated that the Huilin Prize remains committed to its core values: promoting outstanding traditions, bringing together knowledgeable individuals, and strengthening confidence in taking Chinese culture to the global stage.