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BNU Held the 2023 Graduation Flea Market

From June 16th to 17th, the school held the 2023 Graduation Flea Market, advocating a thrifty lifestyle of recycling idle items, and providing opportunities for graduates to dispose of old things. The graduates responded positively and the teachers and students enthusiastically participated.

This year's Graduation Flea Market continued the main function of old things trading in previous years, and added a special booth area for the student dream incubation plan at the same time. Teachers and students happily shuttled among more than a hundred booths. Not only can they buy high-quality and cheap idle old things, but they can also participate in activities such as on-site lucky draws and selection of the best booths. During the flea market activities, the students of Normal University completed the delivery of old things and expressed their affection for Beijing Normal University.