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"2023 The Song of Togetherness - Beijing International Students’ Night" themed gala held at BNU

On the evening of December 17th, "2023 The Song of Togetherness - Beijing International Students’ Night" themed gala was held at the Qiujiduan Gymnasium of Beijing Normal University.

"The Song of Togetherness – Beijing International Students’ Night" themed gala is initiated by Beijing Normal University with the aim of showcasing the cultural diversity of international students in Beijing. Beijing Normal University, along with 43 other Beijing universities, joined hands under the theme "Fantastic Beijing and world". Through four chapters of artistic performances titled "Sharing the Marvels of Beijing," "Relishing the Flavor of Beijing," "Celebrating Joy in Beijing," and "Adding Brilliance to Beijing", the event presented the fruitful results of cultural exchange among international youth in the capital.

As the door opens, we will traverse the gate of time, revealing the prologue of "Fantastic Beijing and World".

Chapter One

Embracing the Essence of Beijing from the Start

"Deep on the unfamiliar streets, the tracks of years remain as they were.”

On the road of seeking knowledge in a foreign land, each impression becomes an “Memories That Never Fade”.

Grateful for you, grateful for the companionship along the way."

"With painted skin and long sleeves dancing gracefully, disciples of the pear garden sing in the capital.”

A thousand years of heritage, allow us to glimpse a bit in “The Legend of the White Snake: Stealing Grass”.

"Such a beautiful jasmine flower.”

“Innate grace, jade-like bones and icy skin.”

Mellow folk music accompanies “Harmony World, Jasmine Flowers” carrying beautiful wishes for harmony and integration in the world."

Chapter Two

Studying and Dreaming in Beijing

Listening to "Across the Miles of Civilization Voices", it's the sincere transmission of emotions. The Western musical rhythm in " Playing is the Rhythm" collides in the ancient Eastern capital, resonating with the world. And then there are explosive dance moves of dancers from various countries in "You! You! You! Do You Want to Dance?"—that's a vibrant fusion.

Chapter Three

Embarking on a New Journey in Beijing

"I Love You, China" is our sincere declaration; "Martial Arts Elegance & Auspicious Lion" is our passionate exploration of traditional culture; and "Hello, Our Youthful Days" is our eternal mark of youth.

Chapter Four

Staying in Beijing, Our Hometown

Accompanied by the continuous echoes of camel bells, walking along the ancient Silk Road, these dance performances collectively interpret "Home Across the Four Seas", initiating the journey of "the Belt and Road."

Embarking on a journey of time travel aboard the "Time Machine for Studying Abroad": reliving every moment of inspiration, savoring the meaning of each experience, and cherishing the brilliance of every fleeting memory. The wheels of time must have also touched your memories, as "World United in Heart".

As the event approaches its conclusion, all participating universities extend the sincerest invitation to the world with the song " Welcomes to Beijing." We look forward to more friends coming to this vast and splendid city, together composing a more brilliant song of togetherness and the song of the future.

Under the influence of  the Belt and Road Initiative, students from various countries come to study in China, creating beautiful stories of international youth encountering China. The "Fantastic Beijing and World", presented collectively by 214 students from 52 countries and regions, is a microcosm showcasing the internationalization level and influence of higher education in the capital. In the future, Beijing Normal University will continue to serve the national the Belt and Road Initiative, contribute to the construction of Beijing as an international exchange center and talent hub, nurture international envoys promoting the building of a community with a shared future for humanity, and facilitate the exchange and mutual learning of civilizations. Beijing Normal university also aims to contribute to the openness and internationalization of national education and elevate its global impact.