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Design exhibition in Singapore anticipates deeper exchanges at campus

Innovative Horizons: A Showcase of Design Excellence presents a diverse array of cutting-edge works spanning service design, digital media, product design, and more, crafted by both educators and students from the School of Future Design at Beijing Normal University and the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, University of the Arts, Singapore.


A smart tea table design by the School of Future Design.

Held at the China Cultural Centre in Singapore until Thursday, this exhibition delves into the realm of design research and exploration, offering insights into how design can meet the evolving needs of cultural products and education in the future.

Before the exhibition's opening, the two esteemed institutions solidified their collaboration through a memorandum of understanding, paving the way for enhanced academic exchanges encompassing research, faculty interactions, curriculum design, and collaborative exhibitions. This strategic partnership aligns with the broader framework of heightened international engagement spearheaded by the School of Future Design, underscoring a commitment to fostering a cohesive global design community.


Gao Peng, dean of the School of Future Design, gives a tour of the exhibition.