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College film festival celebrates young filmmakers and creative spirit


The 31st College Film Festival, a significant component of the Beijing International Film Festival, commenced on April 20 at the Beijing Time Museum.

The 31st College Film Festival, a significant component of the Beijing International Film Festival, commenced on Saturday at the Beijing Time Museum in the capital city's Dongcheng district, marking a celebration of young talent and creativity in the realm of cinema.

Yu Junsheng, vice-chairman of the Beijing International Film Festival Organizing Committee and head of Beijing Radio and Television Station, highlighted the festival's 30-year legacy, emphasizing its pivotal role as a platform for showcasing the spirit and talent of young filmmakers. He encouraged emerging filmmakers to continue creating exceptional works, underscoring the festival's significance in nurturing the next generation of cinematic storytellers.


Youth filmmakers. 

Zhou Zuoyu, vice-president of Beijing Normal University, emphasized the festival's crucial role in fostering artistic appreciation and innovation among students, expressing anticipation for the event to spotlight the vibrant spirit and creative talents of today's university students, thereby enriching the cinematic experience within the community.

This year's College Film Festival received over 200 submissions of domestic films for its outstanding domestic films section. Following a meticulous selection process, 34 outstanding films were chosen for screening. Additionally, these selected films will be recommended by the College Film Festival for touring exhibitions at more than 50 universities across the country, extending the festival's reach and impact.


Huang Huilin (left) and Tao Yuling.

At the opening ceremony, a special tribute segment paid homage to the festival's development and significance, featuring recitation guests Huang Huilin and Tao Yuling. Both guests underscored that the College Film Festival serves not only as a platform for young filmmakers to showcase their talents but also as a vital vehicle for the inheritance and development of the Chinese film industry, embodying its enduring legacy and future potential.