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Immersive Performance "Mobius Ring" for the 17th Croisements Festival Officially Staged

On the evening of April 22, the immersive performance Mobius Ring for the 17th Croisements Festival was officially staged at CHAO•Bridge Space in Beijing.

Mobius Ring is an experimental theater work jointly produced by the School of Art and Communication of Beijing Normal University and the Conservatoire National Supérieur De Musique Et De Danse De Lyon(CNSMDL). Based on the blueprint of the joint innovative art education model, two colleges conducted in-depth discussions on courses, seminars, workshops and artistic creation. After two years of careful polishing, they finally present to the audience the work which reflects on the plight of contemporary human existence.

On April 5th, during the opening ceremony of the the 17th Croisements Festival, French President Emmanuel Macron arrived in China to unveil the event, who reaffirmed France’s willingness to jointly carry out art projects with China and expressed his love for the power of art firm belief. Xiao Xiangrong, the artistic director and project co-initiator of the Mobius Ring, and the dean of the School of Art and Communication of Beijing Normal University, was also invited to participate in the event as a guest.

Xiao Xiangrong said that this was an experimental work of art, and also an attempt to reflect on the phenomenon and question the essence. Mobius Ring chose an immersive, non-theatre-like performance space. At the beginning of creation, the performance found the body’s feeling in different living orders through action experiments. After the theme was determined, the performance emphisized the topics from the understanding of connection, breakage and reconnection and repetition from the body, to the charm of space. At the same time. it is also hoped that through the medium of dance, students can form an overall understanding of human beings, society, and their own lives.


The audience said that as soon as they stepped into the performance space, they had a strong sense of the future. During the performance, they felt the international vision and standard. After the one-hour performance, the viewers’ self-thought about the body and space, and the rhetorical questions about the relationship between the individual and the world were aroused.


As a cross-time and cross-field attempt of art exchange between Chinese and French universities, Mobius Ring not only provides an opportunity for the two schools to enhance cultural integration, but also promotes the future-oriented expectations and imagination of the two schools in terms of dance education concepts. As the co-initiator of the project, Kylie Walters, Director of Dance Department and Choreography Research at the CNSMDL, said: "Learning is like evolution. Now we study dance together across continents. We hope to put aside the certainty of the past. In order to create space for innovation, seek new connections, and bring each other a new perspective on choreography."

In the process of in-depth creative communication, the two country’s university deeply discussed the significance of young people's creativity in dance education in the Z era, the cultivation of innovative dance talents, and the stimulation of students' imagination, based on their own culture and teaching philosophy. And other important issues have opened up a new perspective for the innovation of educational concepts in China and France. In the future, Beijing Normal University will also try to carry out more cooperation and communication in the field of education with the CNSMDL. With the unique advantages and profound accumulation in the field of art education between China and France, and the reciprocity of educational resources and the practice of exchange projects, they will cultivate high-quality talents with both professional strength and creative ability, and contribute more innovative talents to the future.