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The Youth Night of the 30th Beijing Student Film Festival Awards Ceremony Held

May 4th, the Beijing International Film Festival·The 30th College Student Film Festival Awards Ceremony, the Youth Night was held in Beijing. The ceremony was broadcast live on CCTV-6.

Since 1993, the Beijing Student Film Festival has always adhered to the tenet of "youthful passion, academic taste, and cultural awareness", to record the youthful power in the development of the Chinese film industry. Relying on the characteristics of to be organized, watched, commented, and photographed by students, this award represents the choice of generations of college students.

The theme of this year's Beijing Student Film Festival is "Standing to the Light". Through a variety of activities like academic communication, selection of original works, online and offline screenings, more than 50 universities across the country were linked together to select outstanding domestic films and student original works of the year with the youthful view.

Eight honors selected by college students across the country were announced on the spot.

The Most Popular Art Exploration Film of the Year for Students

Deep Sea

The Most Popular Debut Film of the Year for Students

Journey to the West

The Most Popular Rookie of the Year for Students

Hui Wangjun Like Father And Son

The Most Popular Screenwriter of the Year for Students

Wang Yitong, Kong Dashan  Journey to the West

The Most Popular Actor of the Year for Students

Zhu Yilong  Lightening Up the Stars

The Most Popular Actress of the Year for Students

Xi Meijuan  Song of Spring

The Most Popular Director of the Year for Students

Zhang Yimou

Most Popular Film of the Year for Students

The Wandering Earth 2

In addition, the selection of student original works of this year's College Student Film Festival also took place on the stage of the Youth Night. Representatives of the winners of the 23rd International College Student Original Film, "China Taxation" Special Unit, the 9th Youth Excellent Script Selection, and 2023 College Student Film Critics Selection took the stage to accept the honor, showing the vigorous creativity and cutting-edge perspective of film rookies.

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The Beijing Student Film Festival has been held for 30 years, recording the film ideals of young people. The Youth Night specially designed the "Journey of Picking up Light" scene telling session to recall the youthful past of the Beijing Student Film Festival.

Prof. Huang Huilin, the senior professor at Beijing Normal University and the founder of the Beijing Student Film Festival, accompanied the University Student Film Festival to grow all the way. She said, "I am already 89 years old this year. It can be said that I and the film festival are both 'post-90s'. Unexpectedly, under the protection of all walks of life, the original film festival has gone through 30 years. I have been I firmly believe that students are naturally able to and dare to do great things. Only by daring to do big things can they achieve great articles and paint a great era."”

Actors Wan Qian, Li Naiwen, and Lan Yu led the audience to review the 30-year contribution of the Beijing Students Film Festival to Chinese films. The big film festival records the birth of countless excellent works,filmmaker and young talents.

Filmmakers Zhang Yimou, Yin Fang, and Lan Yu used a series of data to show the achievements of the Beijing Students Film Festival in the past 30 years, encouraging more young people to pursue their dreams in the field of film and television.

In addition, the Youth Night also sent sincere blessings to the 30-year-old Beijing Students Film Festival through a series of well-arranged cultural programs.