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Announcing the Winners of the Oxford-BNU Creative Writing Award 2022

Recently, winners of The Oxford-BNU Creative Writing Award 2022 were officially announced. The Golden Prize award of the Chinese university group went to Shi Yueqi's God in Night, and the Golden Prize award of the journal group went to Master in Snow Mountain by Chen Chuncheng. The winner of the British Golden Prize award is On the Road to Nagorno-Karabakh by Rowan James Curtis.

In this year's selection, there will be two silver prize awards for each group. There are three silver award winners in the Chinese university group (including ties). The award-winning works are Han Jiatong's Crossing Hanzhuang, Cheng Shuying's The Escaper, and Xie Shihao's Relics; the journal group silver award-winning work is Cui Jun’s Lost Coast, Du Lan's Majestic Tiger. Two silver award-winning works of British Group went to Rodney’s Room, written by Meesha Williams and Learning to Swim, written by Kate Özel.

In addition, nine people from the Chinese university group won the nomination award, including Li Chenfeiyang, Wang Xingyi, Liu Huadan, Ying Xinchen, Pan Shenyang, Wang Qin, Gong Zhen, Gao Xiang, and Ye Fei; seven people from the British side won the nomination award, including Ewan Jeffrey Miller, Phoebe Jowett Smith, Lucy Thynne, Lisa Blackwell, Roland Fischer-Vousden, Madeline Routon and Ines Alexandra Heyworth.

This award pays attention to both artistic value and ideological value to encourage creations of different themes and styles and strives to discover new literary talents with potential. The highlight this year is the addition of journal group award, which aims to and motivate more young authors and promote the development of literature.

Beijing Normal University and Oxford University have maintained a good and in-depth inter-university cooperative relationship for a long time. On January 29, 2019, the School of Chinese Language and Literature of Beijing Normal University and Regent’s Park College of Oxford University officially signed a memorandum of agreement; on June 12 of the same year, Regent’s Park College of Oxford University awarded Mr. Mo Yan the title of Honorary Fellow and announced the establishment of an international writing centre named after Mo Yan. The writing centre, with Mo Yan as the director of the writing centre. Mo Yan said that the Oxford University Mo Yan International Writing Centre will be committed to promoting academic cooperation and talent exchanges between China and the UK. The greatest significance of The Oxford-BNU Creative Writing Award jointly held by the two parties is to discover new literary talents.

From 2021, this event will be held annually and sponsored by Perfect World Investment & Holding Group. In 2021, the Chinese gold medal winner is Six-legged Horse by Jiao Dian, a doctoral student at the School of Chinese Language and Literature of Beijing Normal University, and the British gold medal winner is girl, women, river, a work by Megan Chester, a Master of Creative Writing from Somerville College. Professor Zhang Qinghua, executive director of the International Writing Centre of Beijing Normal University, said that compared with the previous one, this year’s selection not only expanded the scope of participating universities, but also attracted many scholars and critics to participate in the activity, and also won important domestic traditional literary journals’strong support. This shows that the The Oxford-BNU Creative Writing Award  has attracted a lot of attention in the literary world. This selection has further implemented the cooperation agreement between Beijing Normal University and Oxford University, bringing the communication between the two universities to a deeper level. Zhang Qinghua said that he expects that a group of talented young literary talents with international vision will emerge among the winners in the future.