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BNU 2024 Sports Meeting Held

On the morning of 26th April, Beijing Normal University kicked off its sports meeting with the theme of "No Sports, No Education - Better Teachers, Better Education, the Mission of BNU".

At the opening ceremony, there was also a display of teaching achievements with the same theme as the sports meeting. The session consisted of traditional national sports, aerobics, artistic gymnastics, sports skills demonstration and large group exercises. The program was divided into “Loong Walking in the World, Lion Dance to Offer Lucky", "Strong Physical Fitness, Strong Teachers", "Tempering the Teachers of Strong Education, Enhancing the Soul of Sports", "Building the Dream of a Strong Country, Nurturing the Qualified Teacher with ‘Four Virtues’”, involving more than 900 teachers and students.

Loong Walking in the World, Lion Dance to Offer Lucky

Better Physical Fitness, Better Teachers

Tempering the Teachers of Excellent Education, Enhancing the Soul of Sports

Building the Dream of a Strong Country, Nurturing the Eminent Teachers with Four Qualifications

This year's Sports Meeting featured athletics, ball games, health and fitness classes, tai chi, and group aerobics, with the addition of 800 metres, 4*400 and other competitive events compared to the previous year. A total of more than 9,200 students and teachers registered for the competition, and 116 individual and collective championships were determined in the student sports meeting. During the games and preparation period, teachers and students were actively trained and participated in the games, a total of more than 36,700 people participated in the practice, rehearsal, competition and other training and competition activities, which set off a new round of sports upsurge.