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BNU International Students Won Awards in the International Chinese Language Day’s HSK Short Video Competition

The results of the International Chinese Language Day HSK Short Video Competition were announced recently. Xiao Meihua, an Indonesian international student of BNU, won the second prize with her work "Journey of Knowledge: Experience of Studying and Traveling Abroad", and British international student Weng Zhanping won the Inspiration Award with his work "Tao Yuanming and My Life". The two works were displayed at the awards ceremony. School of International Chinese Language Education at BNU, which organized them to participate in this competition, won the Outstanding Organization Award.

Weng Zhanping was invited to speak on behalf of the award-winning students. He expressed his love for Chinese and his gratitude to his teachers, and thanked Chinese for allowing him to see a bigger world and understand the infinite possibilities of life.

Weng Zhanping delivered a speech

Xiao Meihua at the ceremony

This competition was jointly initiated by Chinese Testing International, the Southeast Asia Center of Tsinghua University, and many other educational institutions. More than 160 universities and educational institutions around the world participated in it and more than 30 Chinese university presidents and deans delivered congratulatory speeches. The competition received a total of nearly 1,000 video submissions from Chinese learners and enthusiasts in 94 countries around the world, reaching more than 13.3 million people online. After strict preliminary review and re-examination, 80 people won awards, including 3 first prizes, 5 second prizes, 10 third prizes, and 62 learning incentive awards. Excellent organizations were also selected.

School of International Chinese Language Education at BNU organized all international students of BNU to participate in this activity and submitted 8 short video works. The HSK short video organizer spoke highly of the short video works submitted by BNU saying those works were of high quality and rich in content.