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GSE 2022 “Student Forum on Learning Crisis and Futures of Education” held in Beijing

During its 120th anniversary, Beijing Normal University hosted the GSE 2022 “Student Forum on Learning Crisis and Futures of Education”. The forum was held in its Changping Campus in the afternoon of August 19. Based on the actual situation of their countries and regions and combined with their own experiences, 15 outstanding university student representatives from China, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Serbia, South Africa, Tunisia, Uganda, and Nigeria shared their understanding of the learning crisis and their expectations for the futures of education from four dimensions:

learning environment reform

learning method innovation

rural student training and

inclusive education realization

Several guests of honor attended the conference, including SONG Weizu, who is Founder of Beijing Design Society; Tatiana Shutova, Programme Specialist at UNESCO IITE; Danimir Mandic, Dean of Teacher Education Faculty, University of Belgrade, Serbia; CHEN Guangju, Vice Director of the University Council, Beijing Normal University; NI Jiaqi, Deputy Secretary of Youth League Branch Committee, Beijing Normal University. WANG Huanhuan, Boulus Shehata, and Michael Agyemang Adarkwah from Beijing Normal University and BAO Haogang from National Institute of Education Sciences co-chaired the Forum. The Forum was held online and onsite and live-streamed to domestic and overseas audiences through many media outlets.

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Group Photo of Forum Attendees

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University Student Representatives

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Learning environment transforming issues

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Learning methods developing issue

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Rural education issues

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Inclusive education issues

This Forum was jointly organized by the Student Union and Graduate Student Union of Beijing Normal University, UNESCO IITE, Beijing Design Society, Teacher Education Faculty, University of Belgrade, Serbia, and Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University.