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2022 Global Smart Education Conference held

On August 18, the "2022 Global Smart Education Conference" was held in Beijing with the theme "Intelligent Technology and Digital Transformation in Education". The conference invited experts and scholars from the educational, scientific, technological, and business circles from China and around the world to discuss several points, namely:

Blending intelligent technology development and education from the perspective of science and technology enabling education,

The learning crisis and the future of education from the perspective of students,

The teacher education and teaching innovation from the perspective of teachers,

The development of intelligent regional education, rural education transformation and education digital governance from the ecological perspective.

The conference was held online and offline and live-streamed on Metaverse. More than 4 million viewers watched the conference online on the first day.


Group Photo of Guests at the Opening Ceremony

At the opening ceremony, the research results of the "National Smart Education Strategy Joint Research Plan" were relieased and the "Initiative for GSENet" was launched.


Results report of the "National Smart Education Strategy Joint Research Plan"

Various institutions worked together to sort out the experience of smart education in various countries and explore the development strategy of smart education. It has formed a series of research achievements such as the National Smart Education Framework, the Global Smart Education Policy Analysis, the National Smart Education Evaluation index, the National Public Service System for Smart Education, and the Smart Campus Design for Future Education.  

The vision of the Initiative for GSENet mainly includes three aspects: (i) The information and communication technology have a revolutionary impact on education; (ii) Equitable, inclusive and high-quality smart education is the expectation of all people; and (iii) The GSENet will jointly promote the development of smart education at the national, regional and school levels. Therefore, GSENet’s mission is seeking to use emerging technologies to promote equitable and inclusive quality education for all, in order to achieve the Goals of SDG4.

This conference was co-hosted by Beijing Normal University and UNESCO IITE; co-organized by Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University, Faculty of Education of Beijing Normal University, China Institute of Education and Social Development, Collaborative Innovation Centre of Assessment for Basic Education Quality, and the National Engineering Laboratory for Cyberlearning and Intelligent Technology, as well as more than ten domestic and foreign universities, research institutions and international organizations, and sponsored by NetDragon Huayu Education, Unisplendour Wisdom Education, H3C Group, Lenovo, iFlytek, etc.