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BNU participated in the production of the major program Chinese Culture in Its Traditional Poetry and Painting



On June 14, a major cultural program "Chinese Culture in Its Traditional Poetry and Painting" of CMG (China Media Group) was launched in Beijing. Shenhaixiong, Director and Editor in Chief of CMG, and the guests jointly started the program. Cheng Jianping, Chairperson of BNU Council, attended the event and delivered speeches.



Cheng Jianping said that "Chinese Culture in Its Traditional Poetry and Painting" is the first TV program jointly created by BNU and CMG. The program has a grand theme and a profound intention, with excellent team level and excellent production. Taking the classic Chinese traditional poems and paintings for thousands of years as the main line, it combines a variety of modern technologies. With the flexible use of dance, drama, music and other methods,the program aims to present a wonderful cultural feast for the audience. It is believed that through the blending of poetry and painting and the collision between tradition and modernity, "Chinese Culture in Its Traditional Poetry and Painting" will become a bright pearl in cultural programs.

As a permanent guest of "Chinese Culture in Its Traditional Poetry and Painting", Kang Zhen, vice president of BNU, said that both poetry and painting contain Chinese enlightenment and philosophic thinking on nature. "Chinese Culture in Its Traditional Poetry and Painting" inheriting excellent traditional culture subtly, which is another new exploration and the future direction of the program.


Chinese traditional poetry and painting are both the oldest and most vital cultural creation activities in China. They have recorded the development of Chinese civilization for thousands of years, inherited the wisdom of Chinese culture, and demonstrated the spirit of the Chinese nation. "Chinese Culture in Its Traditional Poetry and Painting" has selected more than 40 paintings and more than 50 poems from nearly 1000 works, telling the historical stories and humanistic spirit behind them, and depicting the long-term picture of the spiritual lifeline of the Chinese nation.

The program consists of 11 episodes, presenting and interpreting classical poetry and painting works innovatively, and taking the audience to appreciate the Chinese style. Each program takes five to six classical paintings as the content carrier, classical poems as the spiritual core, deeply excavates the historical and cultural connotation behind the works, and interprets the contemporary meaning and value of the works. "Chinese Culture in Its Traditional Poetry and Painting" is planned to be launched simultaneously on CCTV-1, CCTV-3, CMG Mobile and other new media platforms in August this year.