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Thank you for guarding our BNU!

These BNUers are at the forefront fighting against the epidemic and added security and certainty into our hearts.


Medical staff

In white, protecting the health of teachers and students, all medical staff of the school hospital are fighting in the frontline against the epidemic. At nucleic acid sampling sites, temporary medical treatment sites and in hospital outpatient clinics, they are doing their best to protect the health and safety of teachers and students. The nucleic acid sampling team consisted of 56 people samples nearly 1,000 people per day, and more than 540,000 people have been sampled in multiple places such as the teaching areas and family areas.


In order to ensure the basic medical services for teachers and students on campus during the lockdown, 29 medical staff took the initiative to reside in the teaching area. They have been carrying out nucleic acid tests and temporary medical services, trying their best to meet the diagnosis and medication needs of students with urgent and severe diseases.

Logistics staff

At four o'clock in the morning, the logistics staff have arrived at the post and began the handover, disinfection and transfer of supplements, silently guarding the safety of the campus. In the face of the epidemic, the material support of BNU cannot be more important. The logistics staff live in a temporary residence on campus and undergo daily nucleic acid and antigen dual testing.


They conduct sanitization four times a day at the entrances of school gates, offices and teaching buildings, public areas such as family buildings, dormitory buildings, classrooms, and public facilities such as litter bins and benches. They strengthened the material reserves and assisted the Student Work Department in preparing epidemic prevention materials. In order to ensure normal service, they urgently contacted various stores to arrange for personnel to stay in the campus.

Security staff

The security team composed of 7 security cadres and more than 60 security staff bravely shouldered the heavy burden and always adhered to the forefront of the epidemic prevention and control battle. During the campus lockdown, the security team members scrupulously performed their duties, strictly implemented various measures for epidemic prevention and control, sticked to their posts, sanitized and transferred daily necessities into the school, and escorted the health and safety of teachers, students and staff of the whole school.


The security team members canceled the rest time, implemented the 24-hour all-staff working system of campus patrol, and went all out to maintain the daily order of the campus.

Information network supporter

Develop real-time inquiry of people flow in key places, provide free Internet traffic, carry out epidemic prevention monitoring and flow tracing according to big data……The staff at the information network center are on 24-hour standby, whether stationed inside or outside the campus to ensure various information protection work in the school, to build a precise epidemic prevention barrier with digital power, and to protect the campus life of teachers and students with cloud services.



Counselors who met the requirements resided on the campus immediately, and sticked to the frontline of epidemic prevention and control on campus for 24 hours. The counselors on duty have been staying online all day, doing their best to provide a strong guarantee for students' learning and life.


Establish student records, daily health reports, organize class meetings and vaious online activities, understand the difficulties and demands of students' learning and life, patiently explain the school's epidemic prevention policies...... Where the students are, the counselors are there, and the health and safety of every student is their greatest concern.

Teachers online

With the escalation of epidemic prevention and control, BNU has adjusted the form of teaching. Teachers have carried out online teaching at home, and students could freely choose locations to take online classes. Near the end of the semester, in order to better meet the learning needs of students, the opening hours of the library and self-study rooms have been extended to 23:00.


Faculty volunteers

Up to now, nearly 1,400 faculty volunteers have been organized to participate in nucleic acid testing volunteer service work.


Whether it is rainy or sunny, whether it is weekday or holiday, they take the initiative to assist in information registration and identity verification of nucleic acid testing. A process with hundreds of repetitions, bits and pieces without slacking off, they interpreted the firm belief of BNUers to love and protect the campus with their own actions.

Student volunteers


As of today, a total of 1,299 student volunteers have undertaken the work of peripheral order maintenance of campus nucleic acid testing. At the same time, the White Pigeon Youth Volunteer Association and the Volunteer Service Team of the School of Foreign Languages and Literature jointly sent nearly 100 volunteers for library epidemic prevention. They officially took up their posts on May 16, some on duty at desk, and some reminding readers to wear masks correctly in the reading area.