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Memories of the Winter Paralympics: BNUers at the scene

On the evening of March 13, the closing ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics was held at the National Stadium.


 At the closing ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics, 35 students from Beijing Normal University served as placard carriers, flag bearers, pacesetters, and etiquettes, and were jointly responsible for the athletes' entrance ceremony and award speech, showing the beauty and vitality of China.


Since the selection of actors for the closing ceremony of the Winter Paralympics launched in November 2021, BNU has attached great importance to it and carefully prepare for the preliminary selection and mobilization work. After four months of intensive training, 35 BNUers were selected as actors and did a pretty good job in the closing ceremony.


Since the end of November 2021, the 35 students have been engaged in training. The team served for the longest time among all the BNU volunteer teams to guarantee the Winter Olympics and Paralympics. In the past four months, they stayed on campus together, and went through the end of the term, winter vacation, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, etc. In the face of repeated challenges of the epidemic and the low temperature, they always maintained an upbeat mental state. Sacrificing the time to rest, they completed the training tasks of the previous selection, intramural training, joint training at the Shunyi District, joint training and the grand rehearsal at the National Indoor Stadium. The training lasted 132 days and the cumulative training time per capita reached more than 600 hours.


 In this Winter Paralympics, BNU selected a total of 14 volunteers to participate in the anti-doping service work at the National Indoor Stadium. After completing their volunteer service for the Winter Olympics, they continue to contribute their youth power of volunteer service to the Winter Paralympics.