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BNU International students from more than 30 countries sang "We are the world"

The 24th Winter Olympic Games came to a successful conclusion with joy and unity. At the closing ceremony, people revisited the theme song "You and Me" of the 2008 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, and grand fireworks rose into the air, displaying the words "ONE WORLD" and "ONE FAMILY" over the National Stadium.


The eight-minutes Milano Cortina 2026 show presented the theme of "Duality, Together" which coincides with the theme of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games "Together for a Shared Future", and is consistent with the newly added Olympic motto "Together", reflecting the inevitability of people all over the world yearning for a bright vision. Working together for the goal of a community with a shared future for mankind is exactly the common future the world needs.


BNU International students from more than 30 countries are also deeply inspired. They jointly performed their favorite song "We Are the World", dedicated to everyone who strives for a community with a shared future for mankind. For more than a decade, they have sung this song together every year on International Students’ Night to express their expectations for peace and unity.


This year, international students of BNU from more than 30 countries overcame the difficulties caused by the pandemic and joined forces online and offline to sing "We Are the World". They want to appeal to the world: Human destiny is interconnected that in order to create a better world, everyone is needed.