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Overseas students and faculties from Chinese Language & Culture College of BNU promote Beijing Winter Olympics

In order to let people all around the world better understand the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Chinese Language & Culture College of BNU fully supports the Confucius Institute of the University of Manchester to hold the Olympic Spirit Publicity Month. At present, Prof. Zhang Hui serves as the Chinese Dean of the Manchester Confucius Institute and eight graduate volunteers worked as the international Chinese teachers to jointly carry out Chinese cultural communication and education.  


On February 5th, the day after the open ceremony, coinciding with the day that new semester of the Manchester Confucius Institute began, the teachers introduced to the students the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the essence of traditional Chinese culture conveyed, and the importance of the newly added spirit Together.



The teachers also integrated the elements of the Beijing Winter Olympics into the teaching. For example, in the grammar teaching, using the Winter Olympics in examples sentences or exercises added to the freshness and effectiveness, and was favoured by the students. At the same time, the Manchester Confucius Institute has also been posting the news on social media to expand the international influence of the Beijing Winter Olympics.


The Chinese Language & Culture College of BNU has guided the Graduates' Association through meticulous work for the Publicity Month, such as Olympic Games information collection, translation, and knowledge contest questions preparation.