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BNU international students share their impressions of the opening ceremony of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games

The opening ceremony of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games was held at 8 p.m. on February 4. International students from Beijing Normal University watched the opening ceremony live together.


Wu Yujun, director of International Exchange and Cooperation Office of Beijing Normal University, Liu Tao, deputy Director of International Exchange and Cooperation Office of Beijing Normal University, as well as teachers from International Students Office watched the ceremony with students, and gave them the best wishes for the Chinese New Year. All teachers and students shared delicious food, communicated friendly, and cheered for 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.




Ever thought of doing the right thing at the right place? Yes, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is the true description of such an event. As the World continues to be divided along income, race, superiority and most importantly the Worst-ever pandemic, a perfect solace is found that re-designs the face of international friendship and co-operation.

As President Xi Jinping welcomed the triumphant entry of diplomats from all corners of the Earth at a very colorful ceremony held at the Olympics stadium, I was also right behind the screen watching the live performances with fellow students and ofcourse ten thousands of other spectators around the World that did not make it to the live event because of the social distancing measures. The state of the art Technology that was used to broadcast the event was charming! It made me think that it was a movie yet it was an event held a few kilometers from my Location.

As the event kicks off under unmatched challenges that face mankind, this should be the right time for global leaders to rethink their strategies through working together to create sustainable solutions to outstanding issues. Together for a shared future!



I was amazed by the opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, we were able to witness the collaboration of science and technology with artistic creativity, as well as the rapid development and advance of China's science and technology. The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games has focused on conveying the concept of "we" and "together", which moved me very much. I wish the Beijing Winter Olympics a great success, and wish all the athletes good luck! Hope they all achieve good results!



My assessment of the whole opening ceremony is, well done! From the stage lighting effects to the design elements, they all convey the characteristics of the Beijing Olympic Games. Many places reflect the Chinese elements, traditional culture, minority elements, high-tech, generosity, aesthetic etc. By using 3D special effects, the world saw a high tech wisdom ceremony. Cultural confidence has been seen and demonstrated. I think the best part of the opening ceremony was how it embodies the people, and they did it perfectly. The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was truly magnificent. It showed the atmosphere and style of a great country. I am so moved and proud of it!



My classmates and I watched the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics at our school! The mascots Bing Dwen Dwen and Shuey Rhon Rhon are so cute! We could not go back home for he holidays due to the epidemic, but I was very happy to watch the opening ceremony with fellow international friends and several teachers from the International Students Office! It was so cute when children sang at the opening ceremony. When the athletes from every country entered the stadium, they all looked very handsome, I felt proud when I saw the Korean athletes enter the stadium. When watching the opening ceremony, I realized that the Olympics have really begun. I hope athletes from all countries can achieve good results and stay safe. Good luck to everybody!



I watched the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games with my friends. We laughed together, chatted together, cheered together; it was a joyous time, full of laughter and everyone had a good time. We learned about the Chinese culture and the Olympic spirit together. Watching with my friends made the whole performance more interesting. Best luck to the Winter Olympics, Together for a shared future!!



I had heard for a long time that director Zhang Yimou will be in charge of designing the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, and I was very excited about how the ceremony would be designed. I was so amazed and shocked when watching it last night. The beginning of the ceremony wa very romantic, 24 solar terms and poetry, the interpretation of Chinese culture elements was incisive and visually aesthetic. The technical work was also perfect, I can say that the opening of the Winter Olympics allowed me see the perfect combination of technology and art.