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BNU held closing ceremony of military training for the class of 2020

On the morning of 3 June, Beijing Normal University held the closing ceremony of the military training for the class of 2020. The two-week military training came to an end.


First started the march-past. The women national flag guards marched at the forefront. Each unit paraded past the podium in a high spirit and at a neat pace.


After the march-past, the military training regiment staged an original reporting performance. Students showed combat skills, military boxing, mock tactics display and other subjects. In the infantry tactics display, the students bravely marched forward in the fire and smoke. In the jigsaw group, the students puzzled out the name of Beijing Normal University, the Muduo (a kind of bell used in ancient China and symbolizes the sound of teaching) and other words and patterns.




The military training of BNU lasted 14 days. The regiment have made 17 military-training-themed exhibition boards, 10 pieces of board newspaper and 21 times of radio broadcast. Competitions of essay, chorus and board newspaper and many other stylistic activities have been carried out, which greatly enriched the military training life.


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