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Intangible Cultural Heritage into Campus Held at BNUZ

The opening ceremony of Xilingol League Intangible Cultural Heritage into Campus was held on the morning of May 15 at Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai (BNUZ). BNU Study Hall of the Intangible Cultural Heritage was also set up in the ceremony. The study hall is a student club on the purpose of passing down and popularizing intangible cultural heritage. The members of the club could choose different items according to their own interests, and as an apprentice to the intangible cultural heritage master.


The projects of Xilingol League Intangible Cultural Heritage into Campus include world-class intangible cultural heritage items such as Mongolian folk long song, Mongolian Khoomei (throat singing) and yurt building skills, national-level intangible cultural heritage items such as morin khuur (horse head fiddle) music, Mongolian embroidery, Mongolian archery, ox horn bow making skills and Mogolian dairy products, as well as traditional rope art, wicker weaving, Sonid costumes, Mongolian red meat, bone carving and gachuha game, showing the colorful life on the grassland.


On the morning of May 23, students and teachers from Saint Paul School in Macao came to BNUZ to participate in Intangible Cultural Heritage into Campus activity to experience the culture from Xilingol League of Inner Mongolia, China.



Three Mongolian yurts from Xilingol League, stand on the lawn square of the campus. The yurts are full of utensils and food, all from the local area to display the lifestyle of herders. Students could taste unique Mongolian food in the yurt and enjoyed Mongolian folk long song and morin khuur music. Many Students know about Inner Mongolia through books, television and the Internet, while there are few activities like this firsthand experience. It was a wonderful experience to the students, hoping that these precious intangible cultural heritage can be preserved and carried forward.