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The MOOC of "Targeted Poverty Alleviation and Rural Revitalization" goes online


In February 2021, General Secretary Xi Jinping solemnly declared that China has achieved a complete victory in the fight against poverty. Under the current standard, 98.99 million rural poor people, all 832 poor counties and all 128,000 poor villages have been lifted out of poverty. After a hundred years of struggle, the Chinese nation’s millennial dream of poverty alleviation has finally come true.

The process of China's poverty alleviation provides a new model and textbook for the world's poverty reduction. Getting rid of poverty is not the end, but the starting point for a new life and a new struggle. What reference does the implementation of targeted poverty alleviation policies have for rural revitalization? How to effectively link the achievements of poverty alleviation and the rural revitalization strategy? What are the key points to the implementation of rural revitalization policies? In response to the above-mentioned problems, the team led by Professor Zhang Wenguang from the School of Government of Beijing Normal University has elaborately produced the Chinese and English bilingual MOOC course "Targeted Poverty Alleviation and Rural Revitalization" for 3 years, and it was officially launched in the xuetangX in February 2021.

This course combines public management theoretical analysis with empirical cases, summarizes the policy implementation experience of targeted poverty alleviation, looks forward to the key policy contents of rural revitalization, expounds the main body of the rural revitalization policy implementation, analyzes the implementation mechanism of the rural revitalization policy, interprets the implementation environment of the rural revitalization policy, and forms the basic framework and basic viewpoints for the analysis of the rural revitalization policy implementation, and from the perspective of public management to develop China's poverty reduction.

The content of this course is closely related to current political hotspots, pays attention to the theoretical frontier, and tracks the latest development of rural revitalization strategies; attaches importance to case teaching, and the relevant cases of the course are derived from the field research experience of the course team members, which has strong practicality and pertinence; flexible teaching methods, and the combination of policy text explanation, case introduction and theoretical teaching is adopted to mobilize students' learning enthusiasm and improve the effect of heuristic teaching. On this basis, this course will tell the story of China's rural governance throughout the whole process.

Professor Zhang Wenguang, who is in charge of this course, the Member of the Advisory Committee of Public Management Professional Teaching, Ministry of Education, P.R. China, the famous teaching teacher of Beijing Normal University, the outstanding teacher of Baosteel Education Foundation, and has won the Beijing Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award, the Beijing Normal University Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award, Beijing Normal University Undergraduate Course Award, Beijing Normal University Postgraduate Course Special Prize, etc. The team members of this course are all experts and scholars who have been engaged in grassroots rural governance research for a long time and are able to communicate freely on the two cultural platforms of the East and the West. They are active practitioners who tell the story of poverty reduction and rural revitalization in China.

Closely feel the achievements of poverty alleviation, and look forward to the prospects of rural revitalization. From here, read and understand Chinese rural stories.

Course URL: Targeted Poverty Alleviation and Rural Revitalization-Beijing Normal University-xuetangX