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Beijing Normal University Held the 11th "Song of Togetherness -- Beijing International Students' Night" Online

On February 10, 2021, the 11th "Song of Togetherness -- Beijing International Students' Night" themed "Global Online Reunion" was successfully held online. The International Students' Night was broadcast online on Beijing Normal University's Weibo, Douyin, Kuaishou, Baidu accounts, and other platforms. More than 50 international students and Chinese students from more than 20 countries and regions participated in the performance; more than 87,000 people watched the event online. At the grand gathering, BNU international students extended their wishes for the arriving New Year and the Spring Festival.


This year marks the 11th year of this flagship event -- Beijing International Students’ Night. This year animation hosting, live broadcasting on various platforms, and diverse program styles were used to bring teachers and students a new form, new look, and unique theme. This gala event was divided into three chapters: Weather The Storm Together, Letters From The World, and Spring Is Not Far Away. The theme, "Global Online Reunion", shows the sincere friendship between Beijing Normal University and international students in the global fight against the epidemic, displayed the life and learning status despite affected by the pandemic, and conveyed the deep understanding between Beijing Normal University and students from various countries. In particular, "Little Crow", who is well known to teachers and students of Beijing Normal University, was chosen as the host of the whole party. The cordial and lively "Little Crow" added familiarity of Beijing Normal University to this online gala.


At the beginning of the gala, Prof. Zhou Zuoyu, Vice President of Beijing Normal University, first addressed all the international students, expressing Beijing Normal University's care for students from all over the world and encouraging students to take adequate precautions and advance their studies. He believes that the day of reunion on campus will finally come. 


The video "I Am With You," the song "Firmly Believing That Love Will Win," and the student's original song "White Veil" brought back the touching moments of teachers and students working together in times of difficulties in the past year, highlighting people's shared love and wishes. The video "Our Life at Beijing Normal University," the lively and exciting sketch "Online Classes Everywhere" and "Love Letters From Indonesia" by Russian and Indonesia students vividly depicted the study and life stories of international students all over the world. They also expressed gratitude to the faculty and staff for their efforts and expressed their yearning for Beijing Normal University. The host, "Little Crow," took the audience worldwide through performances featuring distinctive elements of different countries around the world. Performances such as the Mongolian song "Beloved Hometown," the African dance "African Warrior," the brass band performance "Mojito," the Thai student's Peking opera "Empty City Strategy" performance, the Korean dance "Time Flies and Expect Reunion," did not only enable the audience to enjoy the characteristics of different countries but also reflect the rich artistic accomplishment of the students, thereby highlighting the incredible ensemble of the Chinese and foreign cultures. The event ended with a performance of the song "We Are the World." Teachers from the Faculty of Education, Chinese Language and Culture College, Business School, School of Environment, School of Social Development and Public Policy, and other Beijing Normal University faculties/schools/colleges sent the Chinese New Year wishes to students.





As a Chinese saying goes, "bosom friends are close even when they are thousands of miles apart." Although we might face various challenges in the future, this "Global Online Reunion" entrusts the teachers and students of Beijing Normal University with a common expectation for a better future. In the future, all teachers and students of Beijing Normal University will continue to uphold the vision of a community with a shared future for mankind, work together to create a more inclusive campus atmosphere, enhance the friendship between peoples of the world, and promote multicultural exchanges.