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Prof. Liang Zhenhua’s TV Series Won Golden Eagle Award

One Dream One Home, a TV series chiefly written by Professor Liang Zhenhua, was nominated for outstanding TV series in this year's China Television Golden Eagle Awards. Hong Kong actor Simon Yam won the Best Actor Award for his role Liang Dingwen in the series, becoming the first Hong Kong actor that won the Golden Eagle Award.


Liang Zhenhua is a professor at the School of Chinese Language of BNU and Literature and the deputy director of the International Center for Writing, BNU. His work One Dream One Home, with the Chinese name Ao Men Ren Jia which means “Macao family”, was first broadcast on CCTV's integrated channel in November 2019, so as to honor the 20th anniversary of Macao's return to China. It tells a story about how properties of Family Liang changed in the past 20 years and thus reflects the everyday life of a Macao family.



From October 16 to 18, the 30th China Television Golden Eagle Awards Ceremony and the 13th China Golden Eagle Television Arts Festival were held in Changsha, Hunan Province. The Golden Eagle Award, the Magnolia Award and Flying-Goddess Award were reckoned as the three greatest awards for TV programs in China. The jury, members of China TV Artists Association and the audience will jointly vote for the Golden Eagle Award.

Meanwhile, on October 17, Changsha held the Golden Eagle Forum of the 13th China Golden Eagle Television Arts Festival. Liang attended the roundtable dialogue and shared his writing experience and views on intellectual properties, calling on everyone to respect originality.