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Chinese original medical TV series Together:the Inflection Point of Life is on air

The medical TV series Together:the Inflection Point of Life has been broadcast on major TV stations and network platforms since September 29, 2020.


Together: The Inflection Point of Life focuses on Jinyintan hospital, Wuhan,  Hubei Province, which was in the eye of the storm and was the front line at the time of the initial outbreak of COVID-19. The prototype of the character is the well-known Zhang Dingyu, the director of the hospital.


The drama aims to reflect the professional quality and excellent executive power of medical workers, and tries to give the audience a real sense of the medical industry during the epidemic period. However, it also shows us that the medical staff also have negative emotions in the face of the virus, but they still manage to create the miracle of life.



“It was like...I was destined for the serial. When I received the invitation to create the drama Together, I knew that the time had come to fulfill my mission,” said Liang Zhenhua, one of the scriptwriters of Together, who is also the professor of Institute of Modern and Contemporary Chinese literature, School of Arts & Communication of BNU, deputy director of International Writing Center of BNU.


Liang Zhenhua