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Notice Regarding Adjustments of Matters Related to Admission of International Students in 2020

In order to ensure that applicants can successfully apply for 2020 BNU International Undergraduate and Graduate Students Programs during the epidemic prevention and control period, we hereby make the following adjustments to matters related to admission:

1.Entrance Examination for Undergraduate Program Applicants

The entrance examination of the 2020 BNU International Undergraduate Student Admission will be postponed. The specific arrangements will be determined and released according to the development of the epidemic. Please pay close attention to our school’s international students’ admission website and the BNU International Student Online Service System to check the relevant notice.

2.Uploading of Application Documents Online

Applicants must promptly upload scanned copies of all application documents on the BNU International Student Online Service System. Applicants who cannot get some application documents in time due to the epidemic can leave a message in the registration system, or get in touch with us in time through the email and telephone number published in the admission brochure.

3.Submission of Printed Application Documents

The deadline for submission of 2020 BNU International Undergraduate and Graduate Students Admission documents will be extended to May 30 (subject to the date of mailing the documents). Application documents are only accepted by post, submission at the school is temporarily not accepted.

4.Application Deadline for Scholarship Programs

Applicants of scholarship programs should pay attention to the application guide or instructions posted on the website of the sponsor of the scholarship programs they are applying for.

Provost’s Office and Academic Affairs

(Graduate School), Admission Office

March 12, 2020