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The Original Musical ​the Past Ballad Starts 2023 Tour On and Off Campus

Beijing Normal University has polished and rearranged the original musical the Past Ballad, striving to make the play an excellent work with "organic unity of thought, artistry, and appreciation", and has launched an on and off campus tour in early 2023.

The musical the Past Ballad is based on the story of famous musician Wang Luobin who devoted himself to the western region and music art to fight for the country. It uses music, dance, musical instrument performance, performance and other art forms as its interpretation methods to absorb the essence of national culture and inherit innovative traditions. The play is another brand-new art practice platform of Beijing Normal University after the Beijing College Student Film Festival, a creative achievement of Beijing Normal University's public art and aesthetic education, and also a vivid "aesthetic education class".

After several rounds of on-campus show in 2019, the musical the Past Ballad has been well appreciated, affirmed and guided by the teachers and students in the school and the art circle. It has caused extensive social influence and won several national project funds with honor.

In 2022, the play regrouped the superior creative forces inside and outside the school. Under the background of the whole art disciplines of the Faculty of Art and Communication, teachers and students of all majors worked together to create this masterpiece with profound thinking, exquisite art and excellent production. Xiao Xiangrong, the chief director of the play, has undertaken the task of creating national celebrations many times and won many awards. Besides, the play also brings together the famous screenwriter Qian Xiaotian, the famous composer, director and professor of the Music Department of Beijing Normal University Zhu Jie, the outstanding young musical director Li Fei, the stage art designer of the National Center for the Performing Arts Zhao Xiaoyu, the national first-class stage designer, Famous fashion designer Han Chunqi, lighting designer Wang Lei and sound designer Yang Guang of the Oriental Song and Dance Troupe, and a group of outstanding artistic talents inside and outside the school. The main creative team has joined forces to ensure the high-quality creative level of the play.

2022 is the 120th anniversary of the founding of Beijing Normal University and the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Faculty of Arts and Communication. Over the past 120 years, BNUers have always walked with the nation and advanced with the times. Relying on the patriotic musician Mr. Wang Luobin and several of his popular music masterpieces, and the solid artistic foundation and unique imagination of the teachers and students of the Faculty of Arts and Communication, the play shows the country's artistic creation in the new era, the modernization of traditional culture, and the unique artistic creativity of Beijing Normal University.

The performance team of the play includes not only professional teachers and students from the Faculty of Arts and Communication, but also art lovers from the whole school. Through the play, they not only tempered their professional ability, but also improved their aesthetic ability. Together with the main creative team, this group of aesthetic educators from Normal University in the new era has learned from past experience, innovated with determination, strived for perfection, and sang the past ballad with sincere emotion, strength, and the art form they are good at to make the Past Ballad shine new brilliance at a new ear.

In March, after 10 performances in Beijing Normal University, the play will go out of the campus. On the evening of April 15th and April 16th, it will be performed to the public at Beijing Tianqiao Art Center.