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[Notice] 2023 "Global Campus" International Cultural Festival is comming!

The annual "Global Campus" event is going to be held on May 18th,2024, students from various countries are welcome to actively sign up and participate, showcasing their country's and ethnic cultural characteristics.

The International Cultural Festival activities include three parts: the entry ceremony of national flags from various countries, the opening ceremony , and the cultural exhibition booths from various countries. The flag entry ceremony will invite international students from various countries to serve as flag bearers and display their national flags around the venue. The opening ceremony's cultural performance mainly shows the cultures of various countries through performances such as musical instruments, songs, and dances. It can not only show the characteristics of various countries, regions, and ethnic groups, but also reflect the learning and life in Beijing and at BNU. Cultural booths from various countries will be set up for participating countries, where international students from various countries will showcase the cultural characteristics of their respective countries through pictures, clothing, food, music, accessories.

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