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[Activity] Beiguo Drama Club’s Version of Thunderstorm Directed by Beijing People's Art Theater is Coming

On the evening of October 17th, Thunderstorm produced by the Beiguo Drama Club will be performed at the Cao Yu Theater of the Beijing International Drama Center. This version of Thunderstorm was directed by the Beijing People's Art Theater’s Team and performed by students from the Beiguo Drama Club.

After that, the play will be performed at the BNU Beiguo Theater from October 25th to 27th.

Students from Beiguo Drama Club are rehearsing this version of Thunderstorm

Thunderstorm is the first drama created by the famous playwright Cao Yu. It has a touching plot and distinctive characters, which focuses on the people living in modern China with compassion and carries Cao Yu's thought of human nature and the time. It is the cornerstone of realism in Chinese dramas and also a milestone work in the maturity of modern Chinese drama. Thunderstorm has been performed in the Beijing People's Art Theater for a long time, witnessing the repeated reunion of generations of audiences with the classic.

Cao Yu is the first director of Beijing People's Art Theatre and also has a deep connection with the Beiguo Drama Club. Cao Yu once wrote the motto for the Beiguo Drama Club. And in 1990, the Beiguo Drama Club, as the only amateur theater troupe, participated in the drama performance celebrating the 80th anniversary of Cao Yu's birth with the play Thunderstorm.

Image of Cao Yu writing the motto for the Beiguo Drama Club

This cooperation is an important outcome of a joint project between Beijing-affiliated troupes and university clubs. It will cultivate new talents for the Beiguo Drama Club and contribute young talents to enrich the Chinese drama stage.