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[Conference] Registration for Global Smart Education Conference 2022 Now Opens



The Global Smart Education Conference 2022 (GSE2022) is co-organized by Beijing Normal University (BNU) and UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (UNESCO IITE), and will be held on August 18th -20th in a hybrid format, including online sessions and face-to-face sessions.


GSE2022 will be dedicated to the theme of "Intelligent Technology and Digital Transformation in Education", including nine forums and one high-level dialogue. They are Digital Transformation and Smart Education, Digital Governance of Education: Policy +Technology, New Ecology of Regional Smart Education, Metaverse in Education and Teacher Education, Rural Education and Smart Village, Open Educational Resources and Digital Textbooks, Integration and Innovation of Technology and Education, etc. GSE2022 intends to invite academicians, experts and scholars, government officials, representatives of international organizations, school principals and teachers, and business leaders in the fields of education and technology to discuss new theories, emerging technologies, latest achievements and trends in smart education globally to share relevant cases, build platforms for communication and to establish alliances for cooperation. In partnership with international organizations, GSE2022 will release a report of the Joint Project of Rethinking and Redesigning National Smart Education Strategy, a case collection on smart education, a white paper on smart learning environment, and a portfolio of Global Competition on Design for Future Education, etc.

Provisional Agenda

Affected by the epidemic worldwide, the Global Smart Education Conference 2022 will be held in the forms of onsite and online. The virtual conference will be organized as different webinars in Serbia, Spain, Cyprus, Tunisia, Hangzhou (China) and Shenzhen (China). Some forums will be presented in the form of metaverse.

Date: 18th – 20th August 2022 (The opening ceremony begins at 14:30 of 18th August)

Onsite venue: Changping campus of Beijing Normal University

Online venue: Zoom, Live streaming


Main Conference Agenda (Onsite and Online)





18th August



Opening Ceremony


Forum on Digital Transformation and Smart Education

Forum on Metaverse in Education and Teacher Education

19th August



Forum on the New Ecology of Regional Smart Education

Forum on Rural Education and Smart Village

20th August



Forum on Digital Governance of Education: Policy + Technology

High-level Dialogue on Integration and Innovation of Technology and   Education


Closing Ceremony


Virtual Conference Agenda (Online)




International Conference on Smart Learning Environments   (ICSLE 2022)

Hangzhou Normal University (China)

La Rioja International University (Spain)

Near East University (Cyprus)

18th – 19th August


Webinar on Smart Education Development in Central and   Eastern European Countries

University of Belgrade (Serbia)

18th August


Webinar on Open Educational Resources and Digital Textbooks

Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization


19th August


Webinar on Positive Education in the Intelligent Era

Longhua, Shenzhen

20th August




Participants can register by scanning the QR code, and choose your preferred way for participation (e.g. online or onsite). Detailed information for participation will be sent by email after registration.


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