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[Gala] Beijing International Students’ Night is Coming!

The 2022 Lunar New Year is just around the corner. At this moment when we bid farewell to the past and say hello to the new year, our routine program “The Song of Togetherness: Beijing International Students’ Night, " is about to return!


Beijing International Students’ Night, aka, BEIJING NIGHT", which was founded in 2010 has been successfully held twelve times. It is not only a big brand cultural activity of BNU students, but has also become one of the most distinctive large-scale activities in BNU.




The year 2021 is an unforgettable year for everyone. Facing the recurring global COVID-19 pandemic, we are confronted with a global crisis and tackle a daunting challenge together. We would like to say to each and every BNUer in front of the screen:


“No matter where you are,

The heart of BNU is always with you!

We will always stick together no matter what comes in our way!


The world is more colorful because of you!

Youth shines brighter because of you!

BNU is more splendid because of you!

Every one of you

Is the exclusive memory of BNU.

It’s so good to have you with us!


2021, youth with you;

2022, hand in hand.



Watch the live stream of “Beijing International Students’ Night”

Only at 20:00, January 30, 2022

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