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[Activities] Blessing Videos Collection for BNU’s 120th Anniversary and Beijing International Students’ Night

The bell of the New Year is about to ring. The year 2020 filled with hope is coming. On the occasion of New Year’s Eve, Beijing Normal University is going to hold the “Beijing International Students’ Night” large-scale evening gala.

The year 2022 is the year of Tiger in the Chinese lunar calendar, symbolizing bravery and wisdom. In this extraordinary year of 2022, Beijing Normal University is going to celebrate its 120th anniversary. Over the past 120 years, batches of students from BNU have worked enthusiastically on academic performance, brought out the best in youth, and traveled afar after graduation. They have marched from campus to the world to demonstrate their graceful bearing.

At this moment of embracing the new and parting with the old, we would like to send our sincere wishes to the students and alumni of Beijing Normal University. To enable more students and alumni to feel the joy of the “Beijing International Students’ Night” and get involved in the celebration for the 120th Anniversary of Beijing Normal University, BNU International Student Office is now calling for blessing videos to Beijing Normal University.

Video theme

Blessing to Beijing Normal University

Reference format of the video

⚪For graduates

“I am XX (Name), a graduate of Beijing Normal University in XXXX (graduation year). I am from XX (Country). I used to be a student majoring in XX at the School of XX. I am working in the XX industry. On the occasion of the 120th Anniversary, I would like to wish my alma mater XX (blessing words)”.

⚪For current students

“I am XX (name) from XX (country), majoring in XX at the School of XX of Beijing Normal University. On the occasion of the 120th Anniversary, I would like to wish my alma mater XX (blessing words).”

⚪In addition to the above words, you may also express your personal feelings based on your experience. If you have a cultural shirt of our university, you can wear it for the video.

⚪You are also encouraged to add innovative elements based on your own situation. If you can put your local iconic landscape into the video, that would be wonderful.

Video requirement

⚪Please make sure the camera is in a horizontal position when the video is shot. Please do not use a self-timer mode. Also, please make sure there is sufficient light to achieve high-definition picture quality.

⚪Video format: MP4 or MOV (no need for post-production)

⚪Resolution: 720P and above

⚪Duration: within 30s

⚪Recording: Please try to reduce background noise and make sure the recording is clear.

⚪Screen: Please make sure that the person on the screen is always looking at the camera, and keep the upper half of the body in the camera, leaving enough space around

For submission

Please send the video to the email:, with the subject of “Anniversary Blessing + Name + Grade and Major + Contact Information”.

Closing Date: January 5, 2022