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[Lecture] Of paper, on paper, by paper——Ancient Chinese paper and traditional hand-made paper

Speaker: Yi Xiaohui, associate researcher of the National Library of China

Date/Time: March 29 (Monday) 2021, 7:00-9:00 pm


Yi Xiaohui, associate researcher of the National Library of China is engaged in research in the field of paper conservation technology and traditional handmade paper in the Ancient Book Conservation Laboratory of the National Library. His main research interests are in the field of ancient book paper conservation technology, traditional handmade paper and fiber analysis, the development and spread of papermaking, etc.


Paper has lived for thousands of years. Pliable traditional Chinese paper carries the essence of ancestral wisdom. Paper, a great invention of ancient China, is also an important information carrier for the heritage and development of human civilization. In this Lecture, Professor Yi will sort out the classification of traditional handmade paper, interpret the characteristics of paper and its ageing, and explain the significance of the rational use of paper for understanding the material characteristics of paper relics, as well as for the conservation and restoration of paper relics such as ancient books, calligraphy, painting and archives, which can expand the communication competence and influence of ancient Chinese culture.



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