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[Lecture] BNU aesthetic education courses "Into the Arts"

In the semester, the Center for Aesthetic Education and the School of Arts and Communication at Beijing Normal University offered the art and aesthetic literacy general education courses "Into the Arts". The course is designed to improve students' appreciation of art and aesthetics, and to enrich their artistic and cultural literacy and practice.

The online courses will be open to inside and outside BNU. The courses invite professors to share the contents of film, television, music, dance, art, design, calligraphy and other fields of arts.

The series courses of "Into the Arts":


Course: Dance Performance Theory and Work Appreciation

Lecturer: Zhang Sun

Time: November 30th 18:00-19:40


Course: Approaching into Chinese Folk Music——The Ancient Chinese Flute

Lecturer: Hu Shuai

Time: December 7th 18:00-19:40


Course: The Trends of Chinese TV Content Production

Lecturer: Hu Zhifeng

Time: December 14th 18:00-19:40


Course: The Learning of Calligraphy

Lecturer: Yu Xiaoyong

Time: December 21st 18:00-19:40


Course: Appreciation of Chinese Folk Music: Chinese Folk Songs

Lecturer: Zhang Lu

Time: December 23rd 18:00-19:40


Course: The Awakening of Beauty

Lecturer: Xiao Xiangrong

Time: December 28th 18:00-19:40


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