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[Webinar] Chinese Culture Studies Program for Global Young Scholar 2020

Theme: Life and Community——Oriental Wisdom in the Context of Coronavirus Pandemic

Venue: Beijing Normal University with Live Webcast Globally

Time: 18:00 to 22:00 each evening from 1 to 3 December, 2020 (Beijing time)

Ways of Participation: Attend conference online on “Zoom” Platform, with the meeting code provided once admitted to the program.

Program Language: Chinese and English. English simultaneous interpretation will be provided throughout the program


2020 Chinese Culture Studies Program is mainly targeting at outstanding young scholars overseas who are engaged in related research and doctoral students of the “China studies program”. A number of senior experts and scholars of the International Confucian Association with diverse knowledge backgrounds, academic perspectives and instruction styles will teach for the program through various forms such as academic lectures, reading guide, theme discussions, tutor guidance, and student presentations. This program aims to help participants to broaden their academic horizons, improve their academic level, promote international academic exchanges and cooperation, and promote the in-depth understandings of the new generation of research scholars in traditional Chinese thought and culture.

Guest Speakers

(arranged in alphabetical order of surname)

Chunsong Gan Vice President of Institute of Confucian Studies at Peking University, Professor of Philosophy, Director of International Confucian Association

Jana S. Rošker Professor at University of Ljubljana, Director of International Confucian Association

Xiaogan Liu Specially - appointed Professor of Chinese Philosophy at Beijing Normal University, Director of International Confucian Association

Xiangjun Li Professor in School of Philosophy at Beijing Normal University, Director of International Confucian Association

Anxian Luo Professor in School of Philosophy at Renmin University of China, Vice Secretary-General of Nishan World Center for Confucianism, Director of International Confucian Association

Lihua Yang Dean of the Graduate School and Professor of Philosophy at Peking University, Director of International Confucian Association

Weiwen Zhang Director of the Chinese Philosophy Institute and Professor at Beijing Normal University

Target Group and Eligibility

Talented overseas young scholars engaged in related research, Ph.D. students of the Confucius China Studies Program (CCSP), and international students from related universities.

Participants are expected to meet:

1. Non-Chinese citizens;

2. Under 40 years old;

3. Have a strong academic interest in Chinese traditional culture and contemporary Chinese society, and have a certain understanding and grasp of Chinese philosophy, history, literature, etc.

4. Willing to contribute to the intercultural communication and cooperation between China and  foreign countries.

Certificate of Completion

Students who have finished the program will receive a certificate of completion awarded by International Confucian Association.

Completion conditions:

1.Full attendance of all the courses

2.Participation of all discussions after the lectures

3.Completion of a 1,000-word final essay in English (submit to by Sunday 6  December)

How to apply

Please send the following [Application materials] via email to before 17:00  on the Wednesday 25 November (Beijing time), 2020.

Email Title: “School name + English name +  Chinese name” e.g. “中国人民大学 ZHANG San 张三”

Application materials:

1.CV (one page)

2. Student ID/Study Proof (e-version)

3. Passport copy of first page(e-version)

4. Application form (see attachment)


(All in Beijing time)